An Educational and Left Unity Program in Response to the 2016 Elections
A Socialist Education Project for 2017
The Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS)

The Progressive Majority and the Left were shocked by the outcome of the 2016 elections.  Nevertheless, most people on the Left know that issues such as the crisis of neoliberal globalization, climate change, and  exacerbated tensions concerning class, race, and gender all require long-term and radical solutions that could not be immediately achieved. no matter what the electoral outcome. But elections matter, both in the short and long-term.

SEP believes that a thorough analysis of the elections is needed, including the underlying dynamics of society and political economy.   This analysis combined with understanding the different strategies of response and resistance will contribute to building the much needed left and socialist alternative.  Therefore, SEP will sponsor a program of dialogue on teleconferences, across the internet, and in-print media concerning the election and its consequences.

Several topics will be addressed over the next few months. First, what happened? Why did the favorite Hillary Clinton lose the election?  Why did she not carry classic Democratic Party rust belt states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania? What would have been the election outcome if Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders had been the presidential candidate?  What is the significance of the unexpected success of the Sanders campaign and the emerging Next Left?   In addition, what constellation of forces, conservatives, white nationalists, rightwing populists and Trump Democrats led to the Trump victory?

Second, in the aftermath of the election, a multiplicity of political forces have been mobilizing to express their anger at the outcome and lay future plans.  There are many strategies: mass action, social movements, Our Revolution, progressives asserting control over the national Democratic Party.  These emerging struggles are occurring at national, state and local levels.  Some want to organize a new Left political instrument or third party, or strengthen an existing party such as the Greens, others seek a truly progressive party emerging from the contradictions within the Democrats.  SEP wants to promote understanding of these different strategies, and seek ways of cooperation and collaboration to bring greater unity and effectiveness to the movement.  This will inform discussions on strategy and tactics in the coming period..

Therefore, SEP will sponsor a series of teleconferences to address these broad questions. We will post articles, publish statements and publish the weekly newsletter Left Links. We will contribute to the scholarly resources Online University of the Left and the journal Dialogue and Initiative.   CCDS will organize programs and sponsor panels at Left conferences, and we are open to new and creative ideas.  Our goal is to contribute to the strengthening of both the Progressive Majority and the Left.  We seek allies in advancing towards 21st century socialism.  Another world is possible!