China: where is it headed?  towards socialism or capitalism? resisting imperialism? Reportback from an activist delegationxi_jinping400x246.jpg

Xi Jinping 

August 28th, 9-10:30pm ET, 8-09:30pm CT, 7-8:30 MT 6-7:30pm PT

What is the political orientation of China’s amazing development program?  This was one topic debated during the July 2017 people-to-people activist delegation sponsored by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network, affiliated with the Alliance for Global Justice.  The group engaged in an unusual range of political discussions with the Chinese: a Maoist discussion group, a successful capitalist entrepreneur and advocates of the official policy of “socialism with Chinese characteristics.”


Pictures: Migrant workers children aaabd Pudong skyline, Shanghai

The delegation also visited two rural cooperatives and a self-organized migrant workers village.  On July 7, the program included the museum commemorating the war of resistance to Japanese imperialism on the 80th anniversary of the full-scale Japanese invasion.  Another visit was to a new museum devoted to learning about the 200,000 Chinese “comfort women” or sex slaves during World War II.

Presentations will be given by delegation members Duncan McFarland, CCDS national coordinating committee and, Lee Siu Hin member of United for Peace and Justice steering committee.  Full discussion will follow.

Lee Siu Hin, organizer of the delegation, is the founder of the China-US Activist Solidarity Project, a new program of people-to-people solidarity and exchange between the US and China.  He works and travels between the two countries.

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