The Socialist Education Project

Socialist education is important for both strengthening the movement and building greater connection and cooperation, and informing effective action.

The Socialist Education Project of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism will sponsor online discussion and resources and in-person programs.  It will produce literature, visual aids and cultural products of value to help create a socialism that both draws upon its history and is relevant to building a twenty-first century socialism.

Everyone is invited to participate!

The Online University of the Left

A drawing of young Karl Marx

Why a Marxist School?

Karl Marx’s ideas are a common touchstone for many people working for change.  His historical materialism, his many contributions to political economy and class analysis, all continue to serve his core values–the self-emancipation of the working class and a vision of a classless society.  There are naturally many trends in Marxism that have developed over the years, and new ones are on the rise today.  All of them and others who want to see this project succeed are welcome here. A PDF flyer file for spreading the word is HERE

 Permanent War and Expansion of the Military Budget  

CCDS Socialist Education Project Webinar

Jan. 22, 9 pm (eastern time), 8pm CT, 7pm MT and 6pm PT

US imperialism has entered a new phase, continuous and permanent war.  It now initiates and carries out multiple simultaneous conflicts, threats and military buildups.  These are authorized by the AUMF (Authorization for Use of Military Force) congressional resolution passed after 9/11 to fight terrorism.

The military budget is colossal and growing.  There is funding for modernizing the nuclear arsenal, new high tech weapons, buying more aircraft carriers, advancing cyber and space warfare and long term strategic planning such as a possible attack on China.  Meanwhile, social programs are cut hurting the working class and repression of people of color is increased, including militarization of the police and attacks on Muslims and immigrants. 

Both Republicans and corporate Democrats vote for war dollars, a neocon  and neoliberal consensus.  The socialist education project will discuss expansion of the war budget and what it means for the peace and justice movement.  Presentations will be followed by discussion.


Michael Eisenscher — former director of US Labor against the War

Ariel Gold — Code Pink, women for peace

Rev. Graylan Hagler — senior minister, Plymouth Congregational  United Church of Christ, Washington DC

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2017 left unity project: A series of programs and discussions: sponsored by Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism 

 Purpose: to preserve and advance understanding of one of the most important events in both modern world history but especially in the development of the people’s and socialist movements for revolution and liberation.